Dead Head

Dead Head C J Skuse
Pub date 18th February 2021
Publisher (UK) HQ

Victim. Murderer. Serial Killer. What next?

Can a serial killer ever lose their taste for murder? Since confessing to her bloody murder spree Rhiannon Lewis, the now-notorious Sweetpea killer, has been feeling out-of-sorts.

Having fled the UK on a cruise ship to start her new life, Rhiannon should be feeling happy. But it’s hard to turn over a new leaf when she’s stuck in an oversized floating tin can with the Gammonati and screaming kids. Especially when they remind her of Ivy – the baby she gave up for a life carrying on killing.

Rhiannon is all at sea. She’s lost her taste for blood but is it really gone for good? Maybe Rhiannon is realising that there’s more to life than death…

The third book in the critically-acclaimed series following Sweetpea and In Bloom featuring everyone’s favourite truly original girl-next-door serial killer Rhiannon Lewis.


Praise for previous publications:
‘Think Bridget Jones meets American Psycho.’
– Sarra Manning, Red, on Sweetpea

‘One of the funniest and best written thrillers published this year.’
– Daily Mail, on In Bloom


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