Das Marokkanische Mädchen (The Moroccan Girl)

Das Marokkanische Mädchen (The Moroccan Girl) Ulrich Wickert
Pub date 11th March 2014
Original publisher Hoffman & Campe (Germany)

On an idyllic woodland path near Paris, a Moroccan family is found shot dead in their car. But who is responsible for their callous murder? Far-right terrorists? Islamist fanatics, or drug dealers? The only survivor is six-year-old Kalila, who is found, hours later, hidden in the boot of the family car.

Summoned to investigate, Jacques Ricou finds motives pointing to the family patriarch, Mohammed. But these fail to explain the presence of a dead cyclist, found near the scene of the crime and young Kalila, the only witness, is too traumatised to be questioned, not even by Ricou’s journalist girlfriend, Margaux.

Suspecting a drugs-related motive, Ricou’s investigation takes him to Morocco in search of Mohammed’s brother-in-law, where he encounters danger lurking in the alleys of the souk and a police force willing to bend the law for bribes. Frustrated, Ricou returns to Paris where Kalila begins to offer up clues that will lead him ultimately – through a jungle of political corruption and crime – to the killer.

“Cantakerous but kind-hearted Ricou will impress even committed Mankell fans – bravo!”
Hajo Steinert, Focus



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