Das Schloss in Der Normandie (The Castle in Normandy)

Das Schloss in Der Normandie (The Castle in Normandy)
Pub date 30th September 2015
Original publisher Hoffman & Campe (Germany)

An African head of state, a Corsican billionaire and mysterious incidents in a castle in Normandy.

Corruption in the highest political circles does not only exist in Africa. The judge from Paris knows that very well. But the case of the President of Equatorial Guinea is not only a matter of bribe money, luxury French real estate and expensive cars. In his sixth case, Jacques Ricou discovers a top secret affair. A story that could be true …

Jacques Ricou is known for being implacable when justice is at stake. That’s why he doesn’t hesitate for a moment to file the suit of a non governmental organisation against an African president. But little by little he realizes how explosive this case is and that catastrophe is imminent. The French president discharges a minister, his boss does not trust him, and the powerful people who fight against him as a judge want to eliminate him once and for all. They conspire to cast a horrible suspicion over him. Should the scheming succeed, Jacques Ricou would be removed from his office for good. The key to the case lies within a castle in Normandy. But this only becomes clear to Jacques Ricou when it is almost too late.



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