Hollywood Wives: The New Generation

Hollywood Wives: The New Generation Jackie Collins (Estate)
Pub date 31st January 2001
Original publisher Simon & Schuster
International publishers StorySide AB (Bulgaria; Audio), Modern Press (China)
Publisher (UK) Simon & Schuster
Publisher (US) Simon & Schuster

Power! Sex! Money! Fame! – the new Hollywood wives are back with a vengeance. Ambitious, young, smart and lethal, whatever they don’t have, they want – and whatever these women want, they get. But suddenly into their lives comes Eric Vernon, a dangerous psychopath with kidnapping on his mind…

This is the fourth title in the successful Hollywood series from Jackie Collins.  Other titles from the series include Hollywood Wives (1983), Hollywood Husbands (1986), Hollywood Kids (1994) and Hollywood Divorces (2003).


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