Poor Little Bitch Girl

Poor Little Bitch Girl
Pub date 1st October 2009
Original publisher Simon & Schuster (UK & US)
International publishers Prozorets (BU), Modern Press (CI), Generights (CZ), Compupress (GR), JLX (HU), Fanucci (IT), Kontinents (LA), Uniboek (NL), Albatros (PL), Eksmo (RU), Sezam (SE), Ikar (SL), Artemis (TU), Eram Books (ES)
First there's Denver Jones, the hotshot attorney working in L.A. and Carolyn Henderson - personal assistant to a powerful and very married Senator in Washington with whom she is having an affair. Then there's Annabelle Maestro - daughter of two movie stars - who has carved out a career for herself in New York as the madame of choice for discerning famous men. The three twenty-something women used to go to high school together in Beverly Hills and Denver and Carolyn have always kept in touch, but Annabelle is out on her own with her cocaine addicted boyfriend Frankie. Bobby is Frankie's best friend - Bobby Santangelo Stanislopolous, that is, Kennedy-esque son of Lucky Santangelo and deceased Greek shipping billionaire Dimitri Stanislopolous. Now he owns Mood, the hottest club in New York, but back in the day he went to high school with Denver, Carolyn and Annabelle, and hung out with all three of them. Which means that Bobby knows everyone's secrets - and he has some of his own, too.


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