Hollywood Husbands

Hollywood Husbands Jackie Collins (Estate)
Pub date 31st January 1986
Original publisher William Heinemann (1986)
Publisher (UK) Simon & Schuster
Publisher (US) Simon & Schuster
International publishers StorySide AB (Bulgaria; Audio)

Jack Python, Howard Soloman, and Mannon Cable have been competitive friends for years. Yet when Jade Johnson enters their lives, the least-expected one of the self-styled “Three Comers” may have finally met his match. Jade Johnson, strong, independent, a top New York model, she comes to L.A. for a series of million-dollar TV commercials. The Hollywood game fails to impress her, but slowly, surely, she is sucked in. And, high roller that she is, if she must play, Jade will play to win.

This is the second novel in the successful Hollywood Series.  Other titles include Hollywood Wives (1983), Hollywood Kids (1994), Hollywood Wives: The New Generation (2001) and Hollywood Divorces (2003).


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