Une Vieille Histoire: Roman (An Old Story: Novel)

Une Vieille Histoire: Roman (An Old Story: Novel) Jonathan Littell
Pub date spring 2018
Original publisher Gallimard (France)
Publisher (US) OR Books (WEL)
International publishers Colibri (Bulgaria), Germany (Hanser), Italy (Einaudi), The Netherlands (De Arbeiderspers), Poland (Wydawnictwo Literackie), Portugal (Dom Quixote), Spain (Galaxia Gutenberg)

Une Vieille Histoire: Roman is inspired by the novella with the same title originally published by Fata Morgana in 2012. In this impressive literary novel, the author has developed and extended ideas from the novella, creating an original and provocative tour de force.

The book is divided into a labyrinth of 7 episodes, of which the protagonist moves in and out, in a tension building, dreamlike sequence. Littell crosses the borders of surrealism and realism, exploring the in-between spaces, where a sense of time and place is distorted. His playfully intelligent language, often ironic, and always provocative does not shy away from the most graphic sexual imaginings.  Illuminated in the author’s precise language, are the innermost depths of human emotions: solitude, lust, reflection and longing. The most remarkable feature is the strength of Littell’s prose – beautifully creating evocative scenes, he plunges the reader deep into the protagonist’s psyche. The ambitious narrative explores uncomfortable crevasses of desire and fear calling the reader to assess their own reality.



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