Carnets De Homs

Carnets De Homs
Pub date 23rd May 2012
Original publisher Gallimard (France)
Publisher (UK) Verso
International publishers Carl Hanser (Germany), Einaudi (Italy), De Arbeiderspers (Netherlands), Wydawnictwo Literackie (Poland), RBA (Spain)

“This is a raw document, not a carefully styled literary work. This is the transcript, made as accurately as possible, of two notebooks that I completed during a clandestine trip to Syria in January of this year. These books were originally used as a basis for the newspaper articles I planned to write, and wrote, on my return. But as the days passed they have grown, and this is what makes their publication possible. What justifies it is quite different: the fact that they contain new information about a critical situation, that of the parts of the city of Homs in revolt against the regime of Bashar al-Assad.”

Jonathan Littell spent two and a half weeks in Homs, at the heart of the neighbourhoods that rose up against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. This is, on every page, a text written in extreme conditions of danger, where information can cost the reporter his life. Deemed an utterly unique, real fieldwork, these notebooks directly reflect the condition of the people in revolt in Homs, and their resistance to government forces.




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