Una rabbia semplice (A Simple Rage)

Una rabbia semplice (A Simple Rage) Davide Longo
Pub date 26th January 2021
Original publisher Einaudi
International publishers Rowohlt Verlag (Germany), Grupo Planeta (Spain)

It’s a gloomy spring for Chief of Police Arcadipane. Every street, every bar, every restaurant in the city is a reminder. He who has always found opportunity where others give in, but now he is tired; his sharpness seems to have dulled. He is roused from his torpor by a violent incident like so many others. Behind it, however, is concealed an evil so extraordinary, it’s hard to believe.

Vincenze Arcadipane is 55, with a failed marriage behind him and a future that doesn’t promise much. To add to this, he’s now convinced he’s lost the intuition that guided him in his investigations. But when a woman is beaten up outside the metro station in Turin, and the perpetrator tracked down in just a few hours, that intuition tells him something isn’t right about such an easy resolution.

He decides to look into it further, with the help of Corso Bramard, his old boss and mentor, and the troubled agent Isa Mancini: a tried and tested team formed around a strange former police officer with an obsessive streak. Together they will uncover the rules of a wild and lethal game, a descent into the underground world of the Web which, ring after ring, will bring them to where the “things that don’t need to be seen” are handled.


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