They Were Divided

They Were Divided Miklós Bánffy (Estate, in conjunction with Arcadia Books)
Pub date 1940
Publisher (UK) Arcadia
Publisher (US) Everyman Library
International publishers ERC Media (China), Editions Phébus (France), Paul Zsolnay (Germany), Einaudi (Italy), Atlas Contact (The Netherlands), Nemira (Romania), Libros del Asteroide (Spain), Ye Ren Publishing (Taiwan), Aylak Adam Yayinlari (Turkey)  


Book 3 in the Transylvanian Trilogy

A Hungarian classic and winner of the 2002 Oxford Weidenfeld Translation Prize, They Were Divided reflects the rapidly disintegrating course of events in central Europe on the eve of WWI. In the foreground, it tells the story of Balint and his flawed cousin, Laszlo Gyeroffy, told with humour and bittersweet nostalgia for a paradise lost through folly. In the background, the sinister and fast-moving events in the Balkans eventually not only lead to a horrific war, but also to the complete dismemberment of their once-great country.


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