The Obama Syndrome

The Obama Syndrome Tariq Ali
Pub date 18th October 2010
Original publisher Verso (UK/US)
International publishers Culture and Art (China), Profil Multimedia (Croatia), Like (Finland), La Fabrique Editions (France), Random House (Germany), Baldini Castoldi Dalai (Italy), All Prints (Lebanon), Alianza (Spain), Celanders (Sweden)



What has really changed since Bush left the White House? Very little, argues Tariq Ali, apart from the mood music. The hopes aroused during Obama’s election campaign have rapidly receded the honeymoon has been short. Following the financial crisis, the reform president bailed out Wall Street without getting anything in return. With Democratic Party leaders and representatives mired in the corrupt lobbying system, the plans for reforming the healthcare system lie wrecked on the Senate floor. Abroad, the war on terror continues: torture on a daily basis in the horror chamber that is Bagram, Iraq occupied indefinitely, Israel permanently appeased, and more troops to Afghanistan and more drone attacks in Pakistan than under Bush. The fact that Obama has proved incapable of shifting the political terrain even a few inches in a reformist direction will pave the way for a Republican surge and triumph in the not too distant future.


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