The Extreme Centre: A Warning

The Extreme Centre: A Warning Tariq Ali
Pub date 2nd February 2015
Original publisher Verso (UK/US)
International publishers Maybooks (Korea), Alianza (Spain)




What is to be done in the twilight of democracy?  What is the point of elections?  The result is always the same: a victory for the Extreme Centre.  Since 1989, politics has become a contest to see who can best serve the needs of the market, a competition now fringed by unstable populist movements.  The same catastrophe has taken place in the US, Britain, Continental Europe and Australia.

In this urgent and wide-ranging case for the prosecution, Tariq Ali looks at the people and the events that have informed this moment of political suicide: corruption in Westminster; the failures of the EU and NATO; the soft power of the American Empire that dominates the world stage uncontested.

Despite this inertia, Ali goes in search of alternative futures, finding promise in the Bolivarian revolutions of Latin America and at the edges of Europe.  Emerging parties in Scotland, Greece and Spain, formed out of the 2008 crises, are offering new hope for democracy.


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