That Asian Kid

That Asian Kid Savita Kalhan
Pub date 1st August 2019
Publisher (UK) Troika Books

Winner of the Warwickshire Year 9 Book Award 2020.

Fifteen year old Jeevan is getting top grades for every subject except English. He suspects that his teacher, Mrs. Greaves, is unfairly marking him down. But he has no way of proving it, and even his best friends Dread and Sandi think he is over-reacting.

When Jeevan stumbles upon Mrs. Greaves talking about him with his History teacher, Mr. Green, he decides to record them. Then, to his horror, they start getting it on!

Now Jeevan is in possession of a radioactive video that he could use against Mrs. Greaves. But he’s caught in a huge dilemma . . . should he upload the video, or not?

As a complex game of move and counter-move escalates between Jeevan and Mrs. Greaves, the decision is taken out of his hands – with dire consequences. Jeevan’s life begins to fall apart. Does he have the winning moves to outwit and expose his arch nemesis?

That Asian Kid is an intelligent, gripping, fast-paced story of one boy’s battle against racism and for the right to be treated like everyone else.


Praise for That Asian Kid:

“A funny and astute book about friendships, dodgy teachers, and a ticking time bomb video that goes viral!” – Patrick Lawrence, award-winning author of Orangeboy

“This is every teenager’s worst nightmare: an unscrupulous teacher who doesn’t play by the rules. Intriguing, disturbing and full of moral dilemma: this story will have you rooting for its plucky protagonist Jeevan.” – Muhammad Khan, author of I am Thunder and Kick the Moon



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