Aguas De Estuario

Aguas De Estuario Velia Vidal
Original publisher Laguna Libros, 2020
Publisher (UK) Charco Press, 2024

Tidal Waters gathers letters from Afro-Colombian writer Velia Vidal with a friend. Throughout the letters, the author introduces her hometown, Bahía Solano, Colombia, shares her return to Chocó on the Pacific coast, and her dedication to promoting reading and cultural management in her community. Through the use of metaphors, she exposes her subjectivity and her social perceptions. The title alludes to the mouths of rivers heading towards the sea and the mixture of fresh and salt water. In the same way, the exchange of letters highlights the unequal map of the Chocó, in which the word and literature bring other possibilities to see the world.


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