Flock Together

Flock Together

Flock Together is the brainchild of Nadeem Perera and Ollie Olanipekun. Ollie and Nadeem have always been big believers in the transformative benefits of nature, long before they ever met. Back in 2020, when Nadeem reached out to Ollie via Instagram to share his mutual love for birds, Ollie immediately shared an idea. He had a long-term goal of starting a birdwatching collective for his community, and with Nadeem’s wildlife expertise and passion for the outdoors, there was no time like the present. Against the backdrop of a global lockdown and Black Lives Matter protests, Flock Together entered the world: a living, breathing homage to nature’s vital role as a space to recharge, restore and inspire.

Flock Together quickly became a highlight for its members, many of whom were completely new to the hobby. The group has grown rapidly since 2020 and currently has well over 100 active members turning up for its monthly walks, as well as key chapters in Tokyo, Toronto and New York.

In 2021, they set up the Flock Together Academy to influence younger generations. The Academy is a place to inspire the next generation of young birders to look up. It provides school-age children with a safe place to discover birding and nature, aided by the guidance of Flock Together mentors.

In 2022, their debut book was published. Outsiders (Octopus Publishing) is a memoir and manifesto about the power of nature to heal, inspire and unite us in the face of prejudice and inequity.

They have been featured in Vogue, The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Time Out among others, and have partnered on campaigns with brands such as the RSPB, Berghaus, Gucci, National Geographic and more.