A House Without Mirrors

A House Without Mirrors Marten Sanden
Pub date 28th July 2016
International publishers Ergon Books (Bulgaria), Høst & Søn (Denmark), Fischer-Sauerländer (Germany), Papadopoulos (Greece), Rizzoli (Italy), Omnipax (Norway), Can Çocuk (Turkey)
Publisher (UK) Pushkin
Publisher (US) Random House

Henrietta’s house is made for hide-and-seek, filled with stairs, nooks and closets. Thomasine’s father usually says that he hardly knows how many rooms there are. Once upon a time, Henrietta was a celebrated actress. But now she is up there in the attic and waiting to die, and the whole family has gathered in the house to watch.
Thomasine is eleven years old and at first she thinks it is fun with the big old house and all the cousins. But then inexplicable things begin to happen. Why is there a room where all the house’s mirrors are stored? Who is the little girl they meet there, does she really come from another time? And how should you explain the change in all those who stayed in the mirror room?


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