Dockspelaren (The Puppeteer)

Dockspelaren (The Puppeteer) Mårten Sandén
Pub date 13th August 2021
Original publisher Rabén & Sjögren (Norstedts, Sweden)
International publishers Kachelly (Russia)

When Merimée’s father is caught stealing, the family loses everything they own and are forced to leave their home. Merimée, her sister and pregnant mother, take refuge in an old hotel owned by a distant relative. But soon the discomfort grows. What kind of strange place have they come to? The other guests at the hotel behave strangely and seem strangely interested in them. But not everyone, on the contrary, a guest seems to want them to leave, as soon as possible.

A crawling thriller with a Hitchcock feel by the multi-award winning Mårten Sandén.



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