Keren David’s STRANGER Wins Banco del Libro YA Novel in Translation Award

Keren David’s STRANGER Wins Banco del Libro YA Novel in Translation Award

26th July, 2021







Keren David’s STRANGER has won best YA book in translation at Banco del Libro’s Best Books for Children and Young Adults, a prestigious award in Latin America. Based in Venezuela, the award is considered one of the most important in the world of children’s books in Spanish, and only books of excellent quality and outstanding for their style, content and illustration are nominated.

The award was judged by librarians, educators, publishers, visual artists, writers, who meet once a week to discuss the books sent by publishers of children’s and YA books.


Astor, Ontario. 1904.
A boy staggers out of the forest covered in blood and collapses at the feet of 16-year-old Emmy. While others are suspicious and afraid, Emmy is drawn to him. Is he really the monster the townsfolk say he is?

Astor, Ontario. 1994.
Megan arrives from London for her great grandmother Emmy’s 105th birthday. It should be a happy family occasion, but Megan is nursing a broken heart and carrying a secret she fears might consume her.

One family. Two women. A century of secrets. A timeless love story.





“Completely engrossing. I couldn’t put it down.” ― Cat Clarke, author of Girlhood

“A gripping story about how we treat strangers, children and those outside the law [with] tantalising exposition of mystery and crime brilliantly done. A really accomplished and enjoyable YA novel” ― Amanda Craig

“Stranger deftly moves between both timelines, offering up two distinct voices and perspectives while at the same time presenting parallels in these young women’s lives and choices . . . The truth that unfolds across the two narratives is complicated and compelling, adding a deeply satisfying mystery element to this exploration of family and love”                                                                                             ― Irish Times