Keren David's new novella TRUE SISTERS acquired by Barrington Stoke!

16th April, 2018

We’re excited to announce a brilliant upcoming YA novella by Keren David, to be published this August by Barrington Stoke! 

The story is about two girls brought together by chance – Ruby and her new foster sister, Clara. After growing up in almost complete isolation, Clara is distraught at being separated from her mother and overwhelmed by life in a world she doesn’t understand. But the more Ruby tries to help Clara fit in, the more Ruby realises she has to face up to some struggles of her own.

TRUE SISTERS, which was acquired by editorial director Ailsa Bathgate, is a poignant, nuanced and ultimately hopeful story about family and sisterhood. David says that “families come in all different shapes and sizes, and I was particularly interested to think about what it must be like being a foster sister, welcoming new people into your home all the time.”