Donato Carrisi launches film company at Cannes Film Festival

17th May, 2016

Donato Carrisi, the bestselling Italian author of thrillers THE WHISPERER, THE HUNTER OF THE DARK and THE GIRL IN THE FOG, has announced his newly formed film and TV production company, Gavila, at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

In a press release issued by Variety magazine yesterday, the launch of Gavila, which plans to produce Italian thrillers for the international market in collaboration with Italy’sColorado Films, was revealed. Adaptations of THE GIRL IN THE FOG and THE WHISPERER will be the company’s first projects, with a TV series of THE WHISPERER to be produced in English. Meanwhile, THE GIRL IN THE FOG will be the author’s debut feature film, with discussions underway to bring Universal on board with the production.

Carrisi’s bestselling thrillers have been translated into 24 languages worldwide, including English, with Little Brown publishing the author in the UK. His latest title, THE GIRL IN THE FOG, was published by Longanesi in Italy in November 2015, to wide acclaim, and has since sold over 120,000 copies.