ANA to represent Hugo Award winning Hao Jingfang

ANA to represent Hugo Award winning Hao Jingfang

20th October, 2016

Andrew Nurnberg Associates is delighted to be representing the bestselling Chinese author, Hao Jingfang, for both translation and film & TV rights, on behalf of the Chinese agent Mr Ben Han.

Jingfang’s novelette FOLDING BEIJING – which forms part of the short story collection THE DEPTH OF LONELINESS – was awarded the Hugo Award for best science-fiction novelette in August this year, ahead of competition from Stephen King, and is now in development as a feature film, to be directed by Josh Kim and produced by former Tri-Star Pictures chief Chris Lee.

Following receipt of the Hugo Award, the collection of stories which includes FOLDING BEIJING has gone on to sell 500,000 copies, whilst three of the author’s titles are currently bestsellers in China, collectively selling over 1 million copies.

Jingfang’s fiction has appeared in numerous publications, including Mengya, Science Fiction World, and ZUI Found and her list of works include the novels WANDERING MAERTH and RETURN TO CHAVRON, EUROPE IN TIME (a collection of cultural essays) and a short story collection, STAR TRAVELLERS.  In 2016, the author has also seen published her short story collection GOING FAR, STRAY SKIES (YA) and her first non-science fiction title, BORN IN 1984.

The English translation of FOLDING BEIJING can be read via the following link.