White Fox

White Fox Chen Jiatong
Pub date 5th September 2019
Original publisher China - People's Literature; reissued by Jieli in 2019
International publishers Germany (Loewe Verlag) Latin America (Editorial Planeta Mexicana)
Publisher (UK) Chicken House
Publisher (US) Scholastic

A young white fox called Dilah returns home to find his mother gravely injured.

Before she dies, she tells him about a treasure with the power to make animals human. The clues to its location are contained in a moonstone buried beneath their den. But wicked blue foxes seek the treasure too, and Dilah must race to find it first. Along the way, he befriends all sorts of other creatures: a friendly seal, an ancient tortoise and a fierce leopard – but can he stay one step ahead of his enemies?

The first in the bestselling middle-grade series from China. 


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