Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy

Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy
Pub date 21st April 1988
Publisher (UK) Transworld
Publisher (US) Crown
International publishers ETC (Czech Republic), Wilhelm Heyne (Germany), Panem (Hungary), Poolbeg (Ireland), Gruppo Editoriale Armenia (Italy), Libro Port (Japan), Bosch & Keuning (Netherlands), Total-Trade (Poland), Veche (Russia), Ciceron (Slovenia)

In this startling, informative, myth-shattering book, former priest Peter de Rosa examines two millenia of popes- from St. Peter to Pope John Paul II- and reveals a papacy shrouded in scandal, intruge, murder and all-too-human fallibility.

The Catholic Church is the most successful institution the world has ever seen. Today, with membership approaching one billion, it is in a state of crisis. Catholics are questioning their Church's teaching on birth control, divorce, abortion, priestly celibacy and even the infallibility of the Pope. The Vicar of Christ explains why and what it must do to survive. It is a book that no one interested in world affairs can afford to ignore.


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