Vacances dans le coma (Holiday in a Coma)

Vacances dans le coma (Holiday in a Coma)
Pub date 31st January 1994
Original publisher Grasset (France)
Publisher (UK) Fourth Estate (WEL)
International publishers Azbooka-Atticus (Russia), Booka (Serbia & Montenegro)

In Holiday in a Coma, Marc Marronier is invited by his old friend, an American DJ, to the opening of a new nightclub called The Shitter (a satirical take on the famous Paris nightclub, Les Bains Douche). Taking place over a single unforgettable night, the novel documents everything from the pit-bull bouncer on the door, to the drugs, cocktails and wannabes who frequent the club. Marc has set his sights on seducing a catwalk model – any one will do – and is trying to keep a clear head while all around are paying good money to lose theirs. A catalogue of degeneracy, drugs, sex and decibels, Holiday in a Coma is written with a fury and passion that reflect the author’s own relationship with a world and he both loves and loathes.

In its English edition, this story is published in a pairing alongside L’Amour Dure Trois Ans (Love Lasts Three Years) with the inimitable Marc Marronier at the heart of both.


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