Un roman français (A French Novel)

Un roman français (A French Novel)
Pub date 19th August 2009
Original publisher Grasset (France)
Publisher (UK) Fourth Estate (WEL)
International publishers Colibri (Bulgaria), Shanghai 99 (China), Ocean & More (Croatia), Palitra (Georgia), Piper (Germany), Astarti (Greece), Europa Konyvkiado Kft (Hungary), Zvaigzne (Latvia), Tyto Alba (Lithuania), Nova Knjiga (Montenegro), Noir Sur Blanc (Poland), Pandora (Romania), Azbooka Atticus (Russia), Booka (Serbia), Vale-Novak (Slovenia), Anagrama (Spain), Ara Libres (Spain-Catalan), SEL Yayincilik (Turkey), Krajina Mriy (Ukraine), Nha Nam (Vietnam)

Winner of the Prix Renaudot 2009

Un roman français (A French Novel) is an autobiographical novel. The story of a man whose heart is broken when left by his cynical father and who becomes a sensualist by way of revenge. Beigbeder’s work depicts a country that lost two wars by pretending it had won and its colonial empire by pretending that it made no difference to its importance. This is the story of a new humanity, or how Catholic monarchists have become globalized capitalists.



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