Pub date 7th September 2009
Publisher (UK) Chicken House

Threads is a fashion fairy tale. (But no actual fairies. Just girls who live in Kensington, in London. All fairy wings are bought from costume shops and applied manually.)

Nonie loves customising clothes so she doesn’t look like every other fourteen year-old in London. Apart from that, she’s not sure what she’s good at, which is a shame, because her best friend Jenny is about to appear in a Hollywood blockbuster and her friend Edie is top of the class in everything and wants to save the world when she grows up.

The three friends find a younger girl, a Ugandan refugee, sketching a dress at the Victoria and Albert Museum. They discover she’s being bullied at school and set out to help her in their own different ways. But who’s really helping who? And just how far can their dreams and hard work take them?

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