This is Not a Love Story

This is Not a Love Story
Pub date 7th May 2015
Publisher (UK) Atom

Theo and Kitty have lots in common. They are both Jewish, and move from London to Amsterdam on the same day. They enrol in college on the same day.

They also both have secrets. Kitty has had enough of being delicate, and hides her genetic defect, the same that killed her father. Theo is hiding his past relationship with his English teacher Sophie.   Kitty falls in love with Theo, and although his attention seems to be elsewhere, they begin a relationship. But there are more secrets to come. 

Theo wasn’t the first boy that Kitty met in Amsterdam. She has already been kissed by the bi-sexual and sarcastic Ethan, who is growing closer to Theo. And Theo’s relationship with his old teacher Sophie is far from resolved.     

Then Kitty disappears. Despite scouring Amsterdam, her friends and Theo and Ethan cannot find her. There is a secret nobody is telling, and Kitty won’t be found until they start talking…




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