Things I Didn't Throw Out

Things I Didn't Throw Out Marcin Wicha
Original publisher Karakter (Poland), 2017
Publisher (UK) Daunt Books Publishing (World English)
International publishers Argo (Czech Republic), Les Arenes (France), Salani (Italy), Mansards (Latvia), Limbakh (Russia), Baltica (Spain)

Winner of the Nike Literary Prize 2018
Winner of the Polityka Passport 2017
Winner of the Witold Gombrowicz Prize
Shortlisted for the Gdynia Literary Prize

Written in the wake of the death of Wicha’s mother, Joanna, it is an account of Wicha’s uneasy relationship with and his grief for her, told through the perspective of the everyday objects she left behind, of books and language. Another layer is his mother’s Jewishness, lived at a time and place where it could only function in allusions.


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