There Is Nothing for You Here

There Is Nothing for You Here Fiona Hill
Pub date 5th October 2021
Original publisher Mariner Books (US)

A celebrated foreign policy expert and key impeachment witness reveals how declining opportunity has set America on the grim path of modern Russia―and draws on her personal journey out of poverty, as well as her unique perspectives as an historian and policy maker, to show how we can return hope to our forgotten places.

There Is Nothing for You Here: Opportunity in an Age of Decline draws on Dr. Hill’s deep expertise in the United States and Europe, as well as her personal experience on both continents, to explain how our current, polarized moment is the result of long historical trends—from imperial overreach to post-industrial decline—that have long afflicted Russia and the United Kingdom, and which now are beginning to affect the United States. Dr. Hill describes the origins and growth of deep, geographically concentrated opportunity gaps, and shows how they have fueled the rise of populism at home and abroad. She shares insights from her work in Russia, Europe, and the United States to show how realizing America’s inherent promise—and stabilizing its democracy—depends on restoring hope and opportunity to all its citizens, not merely a privileged few.



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