The Weight of the City

The Weight of the City
Pub date 1st May 2007
Original publisher Pocket Books, Simon & Schuster (UK)
New York, 2010; one tenement building on one street in one district of the teeming city. In the basement lives Joe McMurphy – the superintendent. He hears and bears witness to all the tenants do, say and think. Mandy and Ben have a new baby. Dope-smoking Diva is permanently horizontal. Frank's having panic attacks. Garry's looking for a revolution. Mrs Xhiu talks to God through the TV. Helmut makes porn. Mike and Juan love each other. Henry aspires to write and make things work with Anna-lise. Residing in the penthouse apartment and reigning supreme is Morgan Honeysuckle: President of the Board. Her lust for control of the building overwhelms its colourful occupants - until Joe decides its time for them to take matters into their own hands. Exciting, ambitious, funny and fantastically page-turning, The Weight of the City refashions the Ken Kesey classic, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, to explore whether it is the system which is insane or the individuals who refuse to be co-opted by it.


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