The Tuscan Year: Life and Food in an Italian Valley

The Tuscan Year: Life and Food in an Italian Valley Elizabeth Romer
Pub date 12th July 2018
Original publisher Weidenfeld & Nicolson (UK)
International publishers Tanapaev (Estonia), Farrar Straus & Giroux (US)




Originally published in 1984, now available in a beautiful reissue with a new preface by the author

‘A classic of culinary literature’ – John Hooper

In 1972 Elizabeth Romer moved to a farmhouse in Tuscany, where she discovered a life moulded by the past and tasted the simple, sublime flavours of traditional Italian cooking for the first time.

Here, she introduces the Cerotti family who farm one section of the valley, and vividly describes, month by month, the Tuscan year. From January’s prosciutto and salame, to cheese-making in March, to threshing the corn in high summer, to the game and chanterelles of autumn, and the chestnut woods of November and December.

In the heart of the Cerotti household wonderful meals are prepared using fresh and simple ingredients, governed by the rhythms of the changing seasons. Elizabeth Romer presents the fare for high days and holidays as well as every day, from fresh garlic and wild herbs to fried flowers and carnival cakes. This magical book reveals the secrets of an ancient way of life and cuisine, with dozens of delicious recipes to bring the flavour of Tuscany to any kitchen.


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