The Tesseract

The Tesseract
Pub date 26th August 1999
Publisher (UK) Penguin
Publisher (US) Riverhead
International publishers Krotal (Bulgaria), Celeber Publishers (Croatia), Volvox Globator (Czech Republic), Dem Grimme Aelling (Denmark), Gyldendal (Denmark), Atlas (Netherlands),  Otava (Finalnd), Hachette (France), Wilhelm Goldmann (Germany), Oysseas-Vivliopolis Abee (Greece), Miskal (Israel), Park Kiado (Hungary), RCS Libri Spa (Italy), Artist House (Japan), Cappelen Damm (Norway), Bertelsmann Media (Poland), Bertrand (Portugal), Rocco (Brazil), Eksmo (Russia), Ediciones B (Spain), Forum A.B (Sweden), Epsilon Yayincilik (Turkey)

In a sweaty cockroach hotel in Manila, Sean paces his room, loads his gun and awaits the arrival of gangster boss Don Pepe. In another part of the city, a mother with troubles of her own puts her family to bed, and a mysterious psychologist walks the street collecting the dreams of young gangs. Over one night, three lives, three fates and three stories will violently collide in the moment of the Tesseract.



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