The Shadow Bird

The Shadow Bird
Pub date 15th July 2020
Original publisher Legend Press (UK), WF Howes (UK audio)
International publishers Piper (Germany), Harlequin (US), Dreamscape (US audio)




For fans of beautifully written, psychologically probing crime, The Shadow Bird is a gripping thriller in which a psychiatrist must overcome her troubled past to free a patient locked up for a brutal act.

London psychiatrist Erin Cartwright relocates to America to take up a coveted role at the Meadows, a private clinic for troubled girls in upstate New York. Twenty years after fleeing a traumatic childhood, she’s back on home ground. Armed with a new name and British pedigree, Erin is convinced she is free of the ghosts from her past – until she’s asked to evaluate a patient in a state asylum for the criminally insane. Incarcerated for the brutal murders of his mother and sisters twenty-seven years ago, Tim Stern is now up for release. When Erin learns that the crime  occurred in the same Maine fishing village where she spent summers as a child, she is on the verge of refusing to take the case, but is forced to reconsider when a startling discovery triggers a suppressed childhood memory and a suspicion the wrong man is behind bars.

Praise for The Shadow Bird

‘A gripping book full of twists and turns.’ – Alice Clark-Platts

‘An unsettling and beautifully written psychological crime thriller, infused with a sense of menace from the first line. The mystery kept me guessing throughout and didn’t disappoint. I was engrossed!’ – Allie Reynolds

‘I loved The Shadow Bird it s such a compulsive read and kept me turning the pages into the early hours. Ann writes with real elegance and evokes such a strong sense of place especially of Maine in both the present day and the flashbacks. The characters were brilliantly well-drawn and I loved Erin s dogged determination in seeking out answers about her own past and Tim s – it has so much to say about the reliability of our memories and how much we can trust our own minds. The plot was gripping and kept me guessing until the very end with a brilliantly clever twist that I really didn t see coming!’ – Sarah Pearse

‘A little gem a really accomplished debut novel which kept me intrigued throughout. I’ll be following this new name with interest.’ – GJ Minett


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