The House of the Wind

The House of the Wind
Pub date 27th October 2011
Publisher (UK) Headline
Publisher (US) Simon & Schuster
International publishers First Editions (France), Random House (Germany), Piemme (Italy), Sonia Draga (Poland), Eksmo (Russia), Santillana (Spain)

San Francisco, 2007. Madeline Moretti is grieving for her fiancé. Nothing brings her joy any more, and Maddie’s grandmother, a fiery Italian, sends her to Tuscany to heal. Here, Maddie is immersed in the mystery of a ruined villa. Destroyed centuries ago in a legendary storm on the Eve of St Agnes, it has been known ever since as the Casa al Vento – the House of the Wind.

Tuscany, 1347. Mia hasn’t spoken since her mother’s death, and lives in silence with her beloved aunt. One dark night, a couple seek refuge in their villa. Used to welcoming passing pilgrims, Mia is entranced by the young bride’s radiance and compassion, but mystified by her reluctance to reveal even her name. Where has she come from, and why must her presence be a secret?

Centuries apart, each searching for a way to step into her future, both Mia and Maddie will be haunted by the myth of the young woman who walked unscathed from the ruins of the House of the Wind. Weaving together past and present in a stunning tale of intrigue and discovery, The House of the Wind is the captivating new novel from the internationally bestselling author of The Rose Labyrinth.




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