The Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning

The Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning
Pub date 31st January 2008
Original publisher Forlagid (Iceland) / Amazon Crossing (US)
International publishers Meandar (Croatia), Albatros (Czech Republic), Lindhardt og Ringhof (Denmark), Klett Cotta (Germany), Isbn Edizioni (Italy), DulNyouk (Korea), J.M. Meulenhoff (The Netherlands), Cappelen Damm (Norway), Slowo/Obraz Terytoria (Poland), Corpus (Russia), Dereta (Serbia)

With some 66 hits under his belt, Tomislav Bokšić, or Toxic, has a flawless record as hitman for the Croatian mafia in New York. That is, until he kills the wrong guy and is forced to flee the States, leaving behind the life he knows and loves. Suddenly, he finds himself on a plane hurtling toward Reykjavik, Iceland, borrowing the identity of an American televangelist named Father Friendly. With no means of escape from this island devoid of gun shops and contract killing, tragicomic hilarity ensues as he is forced to come to terms with his bloody past and re-evaluate his future.

The Hitman’s Guide To Housecleaning is a story of mistaken identity, human destiny and the forces of good and evil present within us all.


Praise for The Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning 

'A sensational book. Hallgrimur Helgason's brain is like this amazing app that morphs the English language into gorgeously blunt new forms. It delivers surprise after surprise and makes you feel good about books again. I can't recommend it enough.' – Douglas Coupland

'Like running with a pack of wild dogs, Hitman’s Guide unfolds the same way tales unfold in your mind – how Helgason got in there is anyone’s guess, but if you read this I predict he’ll be in there to stay.' – DBC Pierre


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