The Great Survivors

The Great Survivors Peter Conradi
Pub date 28th April 2012
Original publisher Plon (France)
Publisher (UK) Alma Books
International publishers China Social Sciences Press (China), Meulenhoff Boekerij (Netherlands), Weltbild (Poland), Corint (Romania), Forum (Sweden)

In this riveting and extensively researched account, Peter Conradi – the celebrated author of The King’s Speech – offers an uncompromising portrayal of Europe’s royals and reveals the scandals, excesses, conflicts and interests hidden behind the pomp of the ceremonial garb and the grandeur of official functions.

At a time when Western society appears to be demanding more equality and democracy, people’s fascination with monarchies shows no signs of waning. Taking the reader on a journey between past and present, into a world populated by great celebrities such as Wallis Simpson, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana, as well as lesser-known and slightly murkier aristocratic figures, The Great Survivors analyses the reasons behind this anachronistic paradox by looking at the history of the main European dynasties and providing a keyhole glimpse into their world, their lives and their secrets.


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