The Extincts

The Extincts
Pub date 2nd May 2013
Publisher (UK) Chicken House

George is saving up for a new bike when he sees the sign in the Sweet Shop window:

Help Wanted. Interest in Wildlife necessary. Apply to Wormestall Farm.

The wildlife at Wormestall turns out to be wilder than expected. There’s Dido the dodo, guarding her egg collection in the dog bed, the baby kraken living in the upstairs toilet and ancient Grissel, who once upon a time met St George and didn’t like him. But one of the Farm’s residents is missing. Where is Mortifer, the basilisk?

Strange sightings are reported in the local paper; pets disappear without trace; stone statues pop up in odd places. Meanwhile Diamond Pye is hoping to win the Golden Brain Spoon and become Taxidermist of the Year. She is looking for something to stuff – something that has never been stuffed before …

Can George find Mortifer, and keep Wormestall’s secrets safe – or will Diamond get there first?


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