The Depth of Loneliness (Short Stories)

The Depth of Loneliness (Short Stories) Hao Jingfang
Pub date 1st June 2016
Original publisher Jiangsu Phoenix Arts Publishing (China)
International publishers Fleuve (France), ADD Editore (Italy), Hakusui Sha (Japan), Yuan Liou Publishing (Taiwan), Monokl (Turkey)  




Written between 2010 and 2016, The Depth of Loneliness is a collection of 11 short stories including the Hugo award-winning ‘Folding Beijing’. In the Foreword, Hao attributes the title of the collection to “the world of possibilities that science fiction offers. When Man stands at the edge of the world, he most likely experiences birth and alienation more poignantly. The idea of departing from this known world must induce an elevated sense of loneliness.”


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