The Coma

The Coma
Pub date 1st July 2004
Publisher (UK) Faber & Faber
Publisher (US) Riverhead
International publishers Rocco (Brazil), Celeber (Croatia), Den Grimme Aelling (Denmark), Rosinante (Denmark), Emece-Planeta (Latin America), Ambo-Anthos (Netherlands), Editions Belfond (France), Random House (Germany), Omega (Greece), RCS Libri Spa (Italy), Artist House (Japan), Cappelen Damm (Norway), Eksmo (Russia)

The Coma is a gripping mystery and stylish tour de force that delves into the subconscious mind, with brilliantly disturbing results. A young man is brutally assaulted lat at night in an Underground train by a group of thugs. Beaten unconscious, he lies for days in a hospital bed – but appears to make a full recovery. On discharge from hospital , Carl picks up threads of his daily life, visiting friends seeing his girlfriend- until her starts to notice strange leaps in his perception of time, distortions in his experience. Is he truly reacting with the outside world, or might he be terribly mistaken.

This mysterious and unsettling tale is illustrated with forty woodcuts created by the author's father, the political cartoonist Nicholas Garland.

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