The Clever Guts Diet

The Clever Guts Diet
Pub date 18th May 2017
Publisher (UK) Short Books (WEL)
International publishers Beijing Xiron (China), Politikens (Denmark), Tanapaev (Estonia), (Finland), Leduc.s (France), Goldmann (Germany), Gabo Kiado (Hungary), Forlagid (Iceland), Vallardi (Italy), UAB Jotema (Lithuania), Nieuwezjids (The Netherlands), Gyldendal Norsk (Norway), Otwarte (Poland), Ripol (Russia), Omega (Spain), Bonnier Fakta (Sweden), Yakamoz (Turkey)

Your guts have an astonishing degree of control over your mood, hunger and general health. The Clever Guts Diet is a book that celebrates this hugely under-rated organ and shows you what you need to do to keep it in prime condition.

Bestselling author Dr Michael Mosley reveals the latest research into the workings of the microbiome – the kilogram of alien bacteria that live in your gut – and takes a look at exactly what happens inside your stomach and intestines as you go about your daily life. He demonstrates how your gut communicates with your body and mind, and explains why your biome affects your weight, your health and even your happiness.

With his renowned aptitude for self-experimentation, Dr Mosley also delves into the science of his own digestive system; he trials a range of diets to ascertain their effects on body shape and blood sugar, and looks at the effects of prebiotics, probiotics and antibiotics.

Filled with case studies and practical advice as well as delicious recipes for optimising your biome, The Clever Guts Diet will change how you see your body forever.


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