The Anomaly

The Anomaly
Original publisher Gallimard (France), August 2020
Publisher (UK) Michael Joseph, January 2022
Publisher (US) Other Press, November 2021

Winner of the Prix Goncourt 2020

1 million copies sold in France and rights sold in 40 countries


One flight. One impossible event. Countless lives changed forever…

Everyone on the flight that day had been leading a double life.

Blake: a family man/an assassin for hire.
Joanna: a formidable lawyer/an insecure woman.
Slimboy: a promiscuous, straight rapper/a closeted gay man.

When their flight from Paris to New York encountered a terrifying, unexpected bout of turbulence, they all feared for those lives. So upon landing safely, they are happy to put the flight behind them, and continue as normal.

The events that follow, however, are anything but normal. For not one plane emerged from the storm – but two.

Everyone on the flight that day thought they had been leading a double life. They were wrong – until now.

And as they prepare to meet their doubles, they must ask themselves:

Can you ever truly be yourself, if there are two of you?


Praise forĀ The Anomaly

‘An adventure, a page turner, a bestseller, but also an experimental, highly literary work’ – Le Figaro Magazine

‘It’s dizzying, exhilarating, brilliant!’ – Nicholas Carreau, Europe 1

‘This novel is an exquisite, insane surprise. Quite simply astounding’ – Le Journal du Dimanche

‘Le Tellier, throughout this flight, deposits on the tarmac his stunned reader, ready to applaud’ – L’Opinion

‘The novel is a tour de force’ – Toute La Culture


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