The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet

The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet
Pub date 31st December 2015
Publisher (UK) Short Books
Publisher (US) Atria
International publishers Atria (Australia), Beijing Xiron Books (China), Dobrovsky s.r.o. (Czech Republic), Det Bla Hus (Denmark), Tanapaev (Estonia), (Finland), Leduc.s Editions (France), Goldmann (Germany), Pedio (Greece), Gabo Kiado (Hungary), Forlagid (Iceland), Tiga Serangkai (Indonesia), Jotema (Lithuania), Nieuwezijds (The Netherlands), Pascal (Poland), Lua de Papel (Portugal), Ripol (Russia), Vulkan (Serbia), MIS Zalozba (Slovenia), Omega (Spain), Oceano de Mexico (Spanish in Latin & North America), Bonnier Fakta (Sweden)

Everywhere we look in the world today – whether it be on media billboards or in the display counters of supermarkets and big brand coffee shops – we are encouraged to treat ourselves to foods and drinks that are raising our blood sugar levels to dangerously high levels.

The result has been a doubling in the number of type 2 diabetics over the last few decades and these numbers are expected to double again. Along with the explosion in diabetes we have seen a surge in those with the potentially damaging condition, pre-diabetes. Even moderately elevated blood sugar levels lead to premature ageing and can trigger a range of life-threatening diseases, including cancer, heart disease and dementia. It is the greatest global epidemic of the 21st century.

Scientists in the UK have recently made a discovery with revolutionary implications. They have not only identified an important cause of type-2 diabetes – accumulation of fat in the liver and the pancreas – but have demonstrated in medical trials that you can not only prevent but also reverse type 2 diabetes.

In this book, Dr Michael Mosley, the medical journalist who alerted the world to the benefits of intermittent fasting (and who is himself a former diabetic), draws on the work of Professor Roy Taylor – one of the UK’s foremost diabetes experts – to present a ground breaking new diet that will show you how to defuse the blood sugar time-bomb before it explodes in your life by offering a simple, flexible 8-week diet plan, with quick, easy recipes and menus, plus a special high/low carb food monitor (Everything you need to know about sugar…) with dietary dos and don’ts.




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