So Willing

So Willing
Pub date 1st January 1960
Original publisher Tower Publications

A young lecher embarks on a quest to bed a virgin and quickly discovers that his town's so-called virgins are more experienced - and aggressive - than they seem.

A certified sex-hunter at 17, Vince is making the leap to that most elusive game: the maiden. With his skills, seducing a virgin would be short work but for a simple problem: He can't find any. First there's Betty, whom he beds before learning she has a prude's reputation only because she restricts her affairs to men from other towns. Then there's Rhonda, frigid until a few sips of wine send her into an all-too-familiar sexual frenzy; and Adele, a sylphlike beauty who's far from virginal but doesn't sleep with boys; and finally Saralee, a small-town beauty queen who drags him to the big city, determined to love him until he collapses from exhaustion.

Seventeen might be too young to be a sex-hunter. But it's certainly old enough to be prey. This book was co-written with Westlake's long-time friend, Lawrence Block.


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