Pub date 1st January 1995
Original publisher Mysterious Press
International publishers Editions Payot et Rivages (France), Petergailis (Latvia), AST Publishing House (Russia)

Due to a foiled burglary in a high-tech lab doing research for cigarette manufacturers, Freddie Noon, the thief, is now invisible. This condition has clear-cut advantages for a man in Freddie's profession, but now everybody wants a glimpse of Freddie. But Freddie doesn't dare show his face, his shadow, anything. Because Freddie Noon has gotten a taste of invisibility--and he can't quit now.


Praise for Smoke

 “How Freddie and Peg run rings around the opposition, in New York and at an upstate hideaway, is the stuff of glorious Westlake comedy, in which Freddie's invisibility is merely one element in a caper full of hilarious characters, crackpot conversations and narrative sleight-of-hand.” - Publishers Weekly

 “Smoke is deft entertainment, and this reviewer hopes the author is chuckling to himself as he produces the next one.” - Thomas Gaughan, Booklist

“Full of fun … the anti-tobacco satire hits square on the mark.” - Kirkus


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