Pub date 16th January 2014
Original publisher Atom (UK)
International publishers Hugo et cie (France)

Cass and Aidan are brother and sister, but they haven’t seen each other for twelve years.  16 year old Cass was adopted by a wealthy politician’s family and grew up with every privilege, while 18 year old Aidan struggled in the care system. Their lives couldn’t have been more different…

But now, Cass’s perfect life has been blown apart by scandal, and Aidan finds her through Facebook. Meeting again means facing up to memories so painful they’ve been buried.  Then secrets emerge which threaten everything both siblings care about.

Can Cass learn to love her ‘experimental’ boyfriend, the flamboyant Will?  Can Aidan break free of a life of rejection and achieve the family he wants more than anything with kind and patient Holly? The Salvage shop where Aidan works is the perfect metaphor for the questions that arise about escaping a background of neglect and abuse – are Cass and Aidan damaged forever by their childhood trauma?

In this tense and moving drama for teens, award-winning author Keren David explores the psychological impact when adoption splits a family…and what family actually means.



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