Sacred Monster

Sacred Monster
Pub date 1st January 1989
Original publisher Mysterious Press
International publishers Editions Payot et Rivages (France)

Movie star Jack Pine has achieved his success the hard way, clawing his way to the top without regard for anyone else. The only constant thing in his life, apart from drink and drugs, is his childhood friend Buddy Pal. Buddy has a mysterious hold over Jack, which eventually leads to his downfall.


Praise for Sacred Monster

“Prolific Westlake displays yet again the originality that won him an Edgar Award for God Save the Mark and praise for books ranging from deadly thrillers through boffo comics.” - Publishers Weekly

“In his own inimitable comic style, full of wit, black humor, and grand gesture, Westlake limns the life of Jack Pine, fabulously wealthy but drug-hazed and slightly mad movie star.” - Library Journal


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