Rejwach (Commotion)

Rejwach (Commotion) Mikolaj Grynberg
Original publisher Wydawnictwo Nisza (Poland), 2017
Publisher (US) The New Press (World English language)
International publishers Actes Sud (France), Quaderns Crema (Spain)




Shortlisted for the Nike Prize

“These small, searing prose pieces are moving and unsettling at the same time. If the diagnosis they present is right, then we have a great problem in Poland.”
– Olga Tokarczuk, author of Flights

Rejwach is a work of fiction by Mikołaj Grynberg, one of Poland’s major Jewish authors. For many years, Grynberg has been collecting and publishing oral histories of Polish Jews in the generations since the Holocaust. In this book, he recrafts those histories into short, moving stories, offering a panorama of Jewish experience in Poland today. Though the stories are fictionalized, each has the ring of truth.


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