Pub date 1st May 1995
Original publisher Ballantine Books (US)
Publisher (UK) Hodder & Stoughton
International publishers Dritan (Albania), Lucka (Czech Republic), Fischer (Germany), Albatros (Poland), Eksmo (Russia) 

Now from the bestselling author of Love Story and Doctors comes a powerful and moving saga of three extraordinary individuals as they compete for the ultimate glory: the Nobel Prize. Erich Segal takes us inside the research labs and clinics, the homes and hearts, of the world's most elite doctors and scientists – two men and one woman – whose genius, dedication, and passion cannot always win for them the love and recognition they so desperately seek.

Loyalty and betrayal, disappointment and loss, scandal and secrets – all will play roles in the personal and professional lives of these gifted scientists who hold the key to life and death for so many. And through it all the Nobel Prize beckons with its seductive promise. Two will be selected for this highest honor; one of them will not live to receive it. Yet all will discover the enduring truth: that life has many prizes to offer, and many come to us in the most unexpected ways...


Previously published in Hungary and Serbia & Montenegro.



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