Oliver Fibbs: The Giant Boy-Munching Bugs

Oliver Fibbs: The Giant Boy-Munching Bugs
Pub date 20th June 2013
Publisher (UK) Macmillan Children's Books

Meet Oliver Tibbs: an ordinary boy with an extraordinary imagination!

I’m Oliver, Defender of Planet Earth – but before I can save the world, I must escape the giant boy-munching bugs!

Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

It’s true. If they bite me they’ll give me the dreaded Wenghi Benghi Fever. I’ll break out in a green rash and radioactive spots and – OK, maybe I’m exaggerating; but as I keep telling everyone, they’re not fibs, they’re stories!

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Praise for Oliver Fibbs: The Giant Boy-Munching Bugs

'A hilarious story illustrated with equally hilarious cartoons, which will appeal particularly to boys but girls will love it too – perfect for encouraging children to read and enjoy books.' – Parents In Touch


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