Nightfall series

Nightfall series
Pub date 6th March 2013
Original publisher Delcourt (France)

In a violently xenophobic London of the near future, a fourteen year old migrant, Donnie Valedino, accompanies his embittered older brother, Zeno, as he plants a bomb in the empty offices of the Border Patrol Department. It’s long after curfew but doubts and sleeplessness drive Donnie back to the scene, where he sees a girl of his own age wandering close by. He has just begun to shout a warning when the bomb explodes and he and the girl, Lily, are knocked unconscious by the blast. Lost to their loved ones in London, these two teenagers, from opposite ends of a polarised society, are united in their dreams. They find themselves stuck in the parallel world of Asante - a world visited by dreaming children, and the unconscious source of human mythology and fantasy. Like Earth, Asante is in political turmoil, and Donnie and Lily find themselves caught up in a last struggle for the fate of both worlds.

Nightfall is a graphic novel about totalitarianism and the origins and limits of the human imagination. Inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost, it is an adventure and a love story in which one party has betrayed the other before the pair have even met. 

Published in three volumes, the series consists of La Nuit (March 2013), La Foi (September 2013) and La Chute (March 2014).


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